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KKR Private Equity (K-PRIME) Fund (AUD)

Access a diversified range of global private equity opportunities from a market leader

Introducing KKR Private Equity (K-PRIME) Fund (AUD)

Bringing together the proven* and specialist global private equity capability of KKR and its Australian investment partner, Channel Capital, the KKR Private Equity (K-PRIME) Fund (AUD) (the Fund) delivers access to an unparalleled and globally diversified portfolio of KKR private equity investments.

The Fund provides a direct route for Australian investors to access KKR’s global private equity portfolio with immediate exposure** to a diversified strategy of high-quality buyout, growth, global impact and core private equity*** companies with the potential to deliver attractive total return and diversification benefits – only previously accessible by institutional investors.

* Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns.
** An investment in K-PRIME indirectly through the Fund involves the relevant K-PRIME vehicle subscribing to units or shares of a collective investment and not of a given underlying asset.
*** Investments are not limited to the strategies mentioned here.

Five reasons to consider the Fund


Access to an Industry Leader and Pioneer

Single efficient access point to one of the world’s leading global private equity firms, with over 46 years of investing experience


Access to every KKR Private Equity Deal1

Ability to indirectly invest in every KKR private equity deal alongside KKR funds


Asset Class Solution

A pure private equity asset class solution in a single strategy, diversified across buyout, growth, middle market, global impact and core private equity


Immediate Exposure2

Immediate exposure to a diversified and seasoned private equity portfolio


Efficient Structure

Fully drawn structure without capital calls, monthly subscriptions and monthly requests for redemptions3

  1. Investments are not limited to these strategies.
  2. An investment in K-PRIME indirectly through the Fund involves the relevant K-PRIME vehicle subscribing to units or shares of a collective investment and not of a given underlying asset.
  3. Please note that an investor’s ability to redeem will be subject to various factors including available cash in the Fund and the Fund’s ability to redeem from the Underlying Fund - see PDS for further details.
K-PRIME Underlying Portfolio Exposures
KKR North America Buyout
KKR Europe Buyout
KKR Asia-Pacific Buyout
KKR U.S. Middle-Market Buyout
KKR Technology Growth
KKR Asia-Pacific Technology Growth
KKR Health Care Growth
KKR Global Impact
KKR Global Core Private Equity
Private Equity Secondaries

Summary of key terms

Responsible Entity
Channel Investment Management Limited ACN 163 234 240 AFSL 439007
Underlying Fund or K-PRIME Feeder
The Fund will invest into KKR Private Markets Equity Fund SICAV SA – I, being a sub-fund of the KKR Private Markets Equity Fund SICAV SA.
Investment Objective
Aims to provide an Australian dollar hedged exposure to an actively managed portfolio of private equity investments sponsored or advised by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P. or an affiliate (collectively, “KKR”)
Geography / Focus
Global/Private Equity – Buyout, Growth, Middle Market, Global Impact and Core1
Indicative Target Return2
Targeting 12-15% p.a. net returns
Min Investment
A$500,000 (Standard Class) with lower minimums via platform access
Monthly NAV pricing
Monthly redemptions (best endeavours). Read the PDS for further information on redemption terms.
Management fees and costs3
Class A (Standard): 1.66% p.a.
Other expenses3
0.42% p.a.
Indirect Performance Fee4
15% of total returns, with a 100% catch-up, subject to a 5% annual hurdle amount and a high-water mark (with any positive performance being offset by negative performance in previous periods), measured and paid annually and accruing monthly.
Minimum suggested investment timeframe
Five years plus
  1. Investments are not limited to these strategies.
  2. Indicative target return for KKR Private Markets Equity Fund SICAV SA.
  3. Management fees and costs includes management fee, estimated indirect costs and estimated expense recoveries. Other expenses include estimated transaction costs incurred by the Fund when buying and selling assets.
  4. Although entitled to do so under the Constitution, the Fund does not currently charge a performance fee. Performance fees charged by interposed vehicles are deducted from the assets of the interposed vehicles as and when incurred and are therefore reflected in the Underlying Fund’s NAV and the value of the Fund’s investment in the Underlying Fund.

Research Ratings

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Portfolio positioning and suitability

The Fund can complement traditional equity exposures and can form part of a private markets allocation. According to Channel Capital it may suit investors who:

An innovative and efficient way to invest in Private Equity

The Fund
Traditional Private Equity
Continuously Available at Scale
More Accessible Investor Qualifications
Fully Drawn (No capital calls)
Monthly Redemptions (Best endeavours)
Lower Investment Minimums
Immediate Exposure
Monthly Pricing of NAV
Straight-Through Processing

What are the risks?

All investments involve risk. The key risks of investing in the Fund includes Market risk, Underlying Fund risk, Liquidity risk, Private Equity investment risk and Withdrawal risk. For further information on the risks of investing in the Fund, please refer to the PDS.

Why invest in Private Equity?

During times of market volatility and uncertainty, it is critical for investors to be well-diversified. KKR firmly believes that we have entered a different macroeconomic regime for investing, where the traditional relationship between stocks and bonds has changed. Against this backdrop − new approaches to asset allocation should be considered.


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Discover the latest insights and analysis from the KKR Global Macro and Private Equity Investment teams.

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Channel has a financial incentive to recommend KKR’s products to prospective investors, resulting in a material conflict of interest. Other potential and actual conflicts of interest which exist and/or arise from Channel’s current and future business activities and relationships with KKR, its affiliates and investors (including those solicited by Channel) and portfolio companies of KKR-managed funds and accounts ('Portfolio Companies') include Channel and its personnel may from time to time invest in Portfolio Companies and/or companies that have interests different from or adverse to the Fund or other KKR clients and/or their Portfolio Companies. Channel is also entitled to be indemnified from and against any actual and direct liabilities, losses, damages, costs or expenses (including legal fees) arising out of its services, including any claims, demands, actions, suits or proceedings in which Channel may be involved, or threatened to be involved in connection with its engagement by KKR. As a result, the Fund may be required to reimburse Channel or KKR for any expenses incurred in the defense of, or in response to, any such action, although Channel’s engagement with KKR includes certain carve outs to the above indemnification and reimbursement obligations including where such losses arise solely out of our bad faith, fraud, willful misconduct, gross negligence or a material breach of Channel's agreement with KKR. None of Channel or its affiliates, officers, employees, shareholders or agents are officers, employees, members, partners or agents of KKR, the Fund or their respective affiliates and may not be viewed as such. Channel is not an affiliate of KKR for the purposes of the U.S. Investment Advisers Act of 1940, as amended.